Enhance Your LinkedIn Profile

Enhance Your Profile

Enhance Your Profile

Your LinkedIn profile is more than your online resume. Consider your profile as a marketplace to showcase your skills to employers. A good profile can help you find and attract great work opportunities. It is your professional presence on social media and generally your first impression on the recruiter. Give your profile some power lift and see the wonderful results it might bring:

  • Profile Picture: Add a professional looking photograph of yours preferably a close-up. Avoid using any selfies, generic pictures or some photo from your vacation.
  • Headline: Think and identify keywords that recruiter will search for to find someone like you for a position. Use these keywords to write your headline. LinkedIn by default uses your current position as your headline- which will not lead you anywhere. Also avoid using generic overused words like creative, enthusiastic etc.  Instead use leadership terms or action words (managed, designed) to establish your niche.
  • Summary: In this section write your elevator pitch. Describe your professional background and aspirations.  Do not write about your previous job roles here(that comes under the Experience section), instead focus on the work you have done, the value you can bring etc. It’s a place to describe your voice and personality.
  • Profile URL: Do not use default profile URL LinkedIn has assigned you.  Customize this URL with your name etc. Use this profile URL in your resume, email signature and business cards for added visibility.
  • Showcase Yourself: Mention all your awards, certificates, honours and accomplishments. Your LinkedIn profile is the best place to showcase your achievements to prospective employers.
  • Volunteer and Causes: Do not shy away from mentioning the volunteer work you have done. Many hiring managers consider volunteering as a legitimate work experience.
  • Get Recommendations: Ask your colleagues, friends, family to endorse and recommend you. It adds to your credibility.
  • Join Groups:  Be a member of groups related to your profession and roles. Actively participate in the discussions to show your competency and subsequently build a great network.


Completing your LinkedIn profile 100% with your education, experiences, recommendations, group membership will improve your search ranking on LinkedIn and will get you more visibility with employers.  So go ahead, build a strong professional network and leverage the power of LinkedIn.

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