Dos and Don’ts of Career Break

Yes I know, you have kids, you have lots to do at home but don’t forget that you also studied really hard, worked hard and you have a career. Yes it’s on hold right now so you can take care of yours little munchkins, but look ahead to when you want to relaunch…and start preparing now. Here are some simple tips that will get you thinking about your career path and will help you get back to working with confidence.

Career Break

Career Break


  1. Do some soul searching…Were you happy with what you were doing when you were working? Is that your passion? Is that what you want to do going forward? Sometimes taking a step back and looking at what you want to do with your life can really help you succeed in whatever you set out to do.  I read a quote somewhere that has stuck with me ‘Find your passion and make it your mission’.
  2. Do pick up some work, maybe freelancing, maybe helping a friend with their business, maybe your own part time venture.  This will help you shine in front of prospective employers and will give you intellectual stimulation. Yes…get out of mommy brain for a little bit.
  3. Do keep your skills updated, studying something relevant to your future job, preparing for a certification, maybe joining some classes to add a new skill to your resume.  Find few hours in a day to focus on your career. Just don’t get stagnant
  4. Do update your resume and submit your resume and profile to We can start looking for opportunities for you and even help you with updating your skills or answering your questions about the job market
  5. Do take care of yourself. Being on a break is a good time to not just take care of your family but also of your health. Learn some skills to relax, to balance your life and your day so you are prepared when the time comes to go back to workforce.


  1. Don’t lose touch with your friends, mentors and teachers. Try to get out and meet with them. Continue networking. Continue to update your linkedin profile, you never know who might help you with your successful relaunch.
  2. Don’t spend all your free time watching TV , gossip or shopping or reading about Bollywood.  Please, there is so much more to do.
  3. Don’t lose your interviewing skills, it doesn’t hurt to interview just for the sake of it. Maybe apply for some positions and interview just for fun.
  4. Don’t beat yourself for taking a career break and the fear of not being able to find a job. Hey, its life. We all to have to deal with what life throws at us. You made a choice, but you are going to make the most of it
  5. Don’t lose your confidence; invest some time in gaining confidence.  Try joining some groups like toastmasters that can help you with your speaking skills and also can help you grow your network

-Contributed by: Anshu Singh

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