Nurture Your Executive Presence


A polished resume and an updated LinkedIn Profile are undoubtedly vital tools in your job search. But sometimes an awesome profile is not alone sufficient. You need something extra. That distinguishing factor that can highlight you despite of your career break.

According to a study conducted by Centre of Talent Innovation (CTI) though work/life balance challenges are often cited as a major factor, the fact that many women do not understand Executive Presence(EP), let alone how  to exude it, also plays an important role in their careers.

Executive Presence is build up of three essential components-

Gravitas: the ability to project confidence, poise under pressure, and decisiveness

Confidence deficit? Do not assume that your career break has made you less worthy. Do not underestimate the value of projects, volunteering activities, short assignments, freelance work that you have done in your career break. Be confident of the choices you made.

You can opt for Yoga as your confidence builder. Yoga has the proven potential to improve your confidence and performance at workplace.

Communicationwhich comprises excellent speaking skills, assertiveness, and the ability to read an audience or situation

Confident communication is your key. During any interaction speak with authority and ease. Practice speaking slowly, thoughtfully and a little bolder voice. Fast speech indicates nervousness.

Appearancelooking polished and pulled together

Appearance does matter. Choose your clothing according to your work environment. Do not compromise on comfort-keep your individual style but your looks should be polished and professional.

Cultivate your executive presence and discover a new you-ready to take on the challenges and all set  to come back to the corporate world.