Things to Do on a Career Break

Things to do on career break

You have decided to quit working for a while. May be just for a year or two. Life circumstances sometimes force us to take decisions that we don’t want to. Leaving your career, giving your ambitions a back-seat is certainly not easy.

But if you want to bounce back after this phase is over, prepare for it! Returning to work is not easy after a career break. Here are few things you can do to make sure your career break is a productive one. Whatever your circumstances are, try to dedicate 1-2 hours daily to nurture your career, to keep you updated and to make returning to work easy for you. Listed are few life events that might have forced you to quit and some things you can do to make your coming back easy.

  1. Relocation: Spouse relocation is quiet common. Many women leave their jobs to accompany their husbands for their assignments abroad or because of getting married in some other city/state. See your break as an opportunity to learn a new language, understand a new culture. Take online courses. It’s easy to volunteer in most of the countries. Contribute your skills for a cause that will also help you keep updated in your field and later you can show it as experience in your profile.
  2. Child Birth and Care: When the baby is small make time to take few online certification courses in your domain to up skill yourself. When you have little bit more time in your hand opt for Freelancing. Working on live projects will ensure you are never out of touch.
  3. Elderly Care: Similar to child care- depending upon the time you have, opt for online courses and freelancing.
  4. Health and other personal problems: It depends on your health condition. If you are completely bed ridden take time to recover without the additional guilt of career break. Keep in touch through reading from online and offline resources.


For all the above conditions a universal rule is never to disappear from the scene. Be active on LinkedIn, keep in touch with your colleagues and friends through social media and other channels. Read business news and current affairs to know what changes are happening.

And when you are ready to return, send us your profile and we’ll try our best to help you return to work.




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