Challenge Yourself

Last week, I was preparing dinner and suddenly realised there is no atta (flour) at home. I panicked. What should I do? Rush to the grocery shop or call the grocer to deliver it or ask someone in the family to get it fast. Pause. I told myself- It’s ok if there is no atta. Let me not buy atta till next weekend and see what happens. For the full week I treated us with some interesting unusual dishes that otherwise I would not have explored.

“If something that you’re doing doesn’t challenge you, then it doesn’t change you.”Challenge yourself

Challenging yourself from time to time is a good way to practice and prepare for the unexpected challenges that often come up in life and help us to be in control. We usually fall into routine because it’s easy, manageable and predictable. But our routines will not take us in direction of greater heights. We need our daily dose of challenge.

Here are few simple ways of making yourself uncomfortable:

  1. Go for a digital detox- Try it this weekend- no computer/phone/TV.  Enjoy the real people around you.
  2. Figure out one thing that you are scared of. Promise yourself to do that for one week consistently.
  3. Go Backpacking- Rather than taking an all inclusive luxury tour go backpacking. Pack basics and travel local, eat local, stay local.
  4. Learn something new- pick up a hobby, a language, a new skill-driving, cooking anything. Make it a project and take it to completion.
  5. Identify one expense head that you can cut back realistically. Now invest the amount you save.


When you get out of your comfort zone, you explore new possibilities. New routes open for you. You get creative. You explore the unexplored. Making yourself uncomfortable and challenging yourself will help you grow your skills and knowledge and above all give you the belief that You Can!

Let us know how you are going to challenge yourself in the comments below.